♪ It's my life ♪

domingo, fevereiro 01, 2015

We all feel caught at some point or another between choices. As the band Devo once said, "freedom of choice is what we want. Freedom from choice is what we need." ♪ 

Having choices, at first, feels exciting, but after a while it can also be overwhelming, like we're trapped with no clear way out. 

If you're lucky, you might find someone is there to catch you when you finally escape, but most of the time, it's harder.  

Some people get caught between their secrets and wanting to do the right thing... others are caught between their desires and their ambitions.  

I was faced with a tough decision, for sure. But I no longer felt caught between what I wanted and what [others] wanted. I realized this was my life, and I wasn't going to have any regrets.

 - The Carrie Diaries - 


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