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segunda-feira, setembro 09, 2013

Chriselle Lim, fashion stylist das celebridades em LA fundou o site The Chriselle Factor, um espaço onde nos mostra o seu estilo e o seu lado mais editorial. Vamos espreitar o seu mundo. xx***

Chriselle Lim, founder of The Chriselle Factor,  is a celebrity fashion stylist in Los Angeles. Let's have a sneak peek inside her worldxx***

“I live for a good statement piece. This 3.1 Phillip Lim Coat is my absolute favorite. Not many designers have embraced and perfected the giraffe print quite like Phillip Lim has.” 

“A couple of my favorite shoes all laid out on my leopard print couch. Every woman should have at least one thing leopard in their closet and in their home decor! My sister and I were obsessed with Gossip Girl and when we saw this beautiful Richard Phillips painting on the show we hunted it down!” 

“My style is a juxtapose of modern and romantic, and I try to keep that same aesthetic in my home decor.”  

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