Snapshots of the Last Month!

segunda-feira, maio 20, 2013

Este último mês (mais coisa menos coisa) foi um mês repleto de coisas boas, eventos fantásticos, novas amizades, novos trabalhos e principalmente muito amor. Que, no fundo, é a coisa mais importante. xx***

This last month (more or less) was filled with good things, great events, new friendships, new works and lots of love. That is the most important thing. xx *** 

 Press Conference of  Fashion Madness Event.

Entrevista a Carlos Gil (orgulho).

Me and my fabulous fashion bloggers friends, Filipa and Joaninha.

@Fashion Madness


Trying new patterns.

Us again @ FIV

And again (can´t get enough of this girls)!

Trying new outfits @ Zara.

 Working @ fashion production.

Vanessa Kuzer doing Viktoriya's makeup.

A magical place to work.

The stylist dressing the model.

All set...Go!

Going to Trend Market.

Trend Market's view.


Our combo (mine and Joaninha's).

 After arriving home, very tired from Trend Market, a big surprise from my loves.

And another big surprise from my little Cauzinha. 

Working on the next fashion production.

Outfit's work.

Working my ass off to lose those extra pounds.

Another small BIG suprise, from my husband, for our 16th anniversary.

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