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sexta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2013

Não li o artigo, mas pelo que a Mira escreveu dá para perceber o que vinha lá escrito...

"miraduma Thanks to our beloved Grazia UK for a big feature on me and my girlfriends, BUT, just to make clear: 1) Buro247 is not a blog, its a proper website with big team working on it and international versions being launched through license 2) wives of rich men dont want my life, they dont want to fly as much as i do, make 8 meetings per day and sleep for 3-4 hours at night. They just want that beautiful illusion of fashion that i am associated with as it is my job 3) there is no global admiration, maybe global following? what i said was that russians is a trend now that one day will be replaced by another, new one, that is why we must work hard and professionally to become respected but not just be remembered as one of a trend 4) Burberry and "launch" during London fashion week is 2 BIG separate projects.
And again, BIG thanks to Grazia UK 

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