Madonna - Girl Gone Wild

terça-feira, junho 26, 2012

My favourite music of all.

Like someone has written

"OMG I love how this GIRL GONE WILD video is such a THROWBACK to Madonna's early career. The black and white reminds of almost everything she did in the early 90's when she released Truth or Dare. All the men in heels and the group shots scream "justify my love" and "vogue" even. I mean everytime I see a man in heels, I think back to Madonna's 1990 BLOND AMBITION tour. As a Madonna fan, I could not be more THRILLED with her new MDNA tour, it is EPIC".


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2 comentários

  1. Ei lá, estou ver que o concerto prometeu e cumpriu :D Espero que te tenhas divertido. Bjs

  2. Olá :)
    Não conhecia o teu bolg e gostei de o visitar! Já estou a seguir :) Se quiseres passa também no meu para ver se gostas ;)


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